Ghost Pets in Animal Pen

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: EU version

Has this bug been reported before? I honestly have absolutely no idea. Quite possibly. I just havent been able to keep track of all off the fixes and changes over the month. Now onto the bug itself.

Both myself and my partner have this bug. Basically you put a baby animal in the Animal Pen, then proceed to raise/grow it as per usual. However, when the animal is fully grown and we remove it from the pen and place it into the world, the Animal Pen still shows the animal inside the pen, despite it being removed. In this case I am using an example of a Rocknose. Note how it is still displayed as being in the pen, in spite of it no longer being there.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a baby animal in the pen
  2. Grow/raise the animal as you normally would
  3. Remove the fully grown animal
  4. Place the removed animal on the ground in the world
  5. Observe that the animal is still displayed as being in the pen
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I don’t see it as a bug maybe just animation delay or something but I’m used to it. When I leave draw distance or fast travel and come back the ghost pets are gone. I’ll take ghost pets over stair floating anyday but fix both the same way

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That has been going on for awhile not sure when it started. It is like a thrall showing a helmet on it’s head t that is not in its inventory.

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Never noticed it before now to be honest sestus2009, the lady of the house called my attention to it. Aye, I have that helmet one too. :wink: Another one that I am hoping has been patched on PC, and is coming in the impending console update is this. Its very immersion breaking.

Hi FabianStone and welcome to the community! Im not certain what it is either, and it is, understandably, probably not too high up the priority list. Nonetheless, best to call Funcom’s attention to it and leave it with them.

Been this way for a long time

I mention it long ago, Mention it again cause Stables does it to. Log out and back in fixes it.

I Tend to not take what I see in pens as whats in it anymore…

Never reported it as a report… just side comment, since its a bug that hasn’t seemly broken anything.

I feel that is best to generate the report anyway Sera67, then let the bug fixing team decide what order they would like to fix issues in, or if at all in the case of this one. For example, we still report spelling error even though they bear no negative ramifications for our gameplay.