Giant structures

Game mode: Online
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance
Region: europa

hi to all, I open this topic to vent my exasperation. I am a builder and together with a friend of mine we built a fortress in pve that I invite everyone to visit on the official server 3046. but I can not live anymore … the game crashes and I fall every time I walk in … I wondered: how is it possible that the game loads first the inside of the buildings before the outside when they are 300 meters away? …is a useless thing that kills the framerate of the game and the fun of those who play. I really invite some developer to come on the server and take a ride in the structure. you find us above the drainage channel. I await an answer and in the meantime I thank you.

Davide user ps4 Italy

See also:‘Very Soon’ in the notice and ‘List of upcoming features’ on for planned building improvements.

That might be a useful suggestion to the developers(although it might be because lighting updates, idk). I am not a CM, so I’m not sure if they don’t know the idea already.

thanks for the answer, it seemed strange that no one had noticed the loading system of the structures … I thought the problem was caused by the amount of elements that make up the structure or the number of slaves present … thank you again for the interest !!! I hope they solve because the game I really like as much as what I built … maybe even give a little 'more personality to the character would not hurt

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