Give me my Hierophant!


How to contact you? Give me the Hierophant immediately !! I was coming back home and waiting for the blocks, Hierophant was killed by the top-up graphics !! What is this?? This game is getting dumber!


My ludic condolences for your loss.
I have lost countless T4 thralls due to…Funcom (very) poor coding skills, but Vathis is one of those I still have…luckily, he is the best…when the thrall system works that is.
Anyway, hate to break you the bad news, he is gone for good and Funcom not gonna replace it.
Their policy is very simple: you are on your own after you purchased the game.


If the Sepamaru in Testlive gets to Live, the Captains will have Vathis status. This could all change or never happen, but its in testing (upvote the notion).


And the fixes do not give anything but the game gets stuck, I do not know what they are doing there, but they probably have a great time at our expense. It slowly bores me and kills the game.


You know, for strange as it sounds…I learned how to survive the game, enjoying it…I mean not the game mechanics, those are easy to survive.
I mean the bugs that brutalize the players on daily basis…those are the real suvival challenges.
Running and approaching a 100 meters high cliff with stutter of 4-5 seconds every 2 steps…things like these, now that’s what I call a challenge.
** Is like driving at 60 mph on a highway, everybody can do that, but hey…try to do that with a friend covering your eyes for 5 seconds at random during the trip **

**You are strongly discouraged to do that in real life, drive always carefully and with open eyes, leave these kind of things to Funcom code “masters”.


The problem is that an open-ended game like CE isn’t really suited to a (by definition) fixed-performance system like a console.

Not that I’m going to say that that’s an excuse, I’m a firm proponent of judging one’s consumer experience without making allowances for this or that technical issue or limitation. Those should have been something the game designer(s) took into account when laying out the game. Though I’m well aware that sometimes decisions like which platforms the game comes out on is out of their hands, too.

My point is, by all means criticize Funcom as a company and/or Conan Exiles as a product - that’s completely fair (as long as it’s for cause). BUT don’t lay it on this or that person or department, because we don’t know if they’re the ones who made the wrong decisions, or just the ones who were left with the thankless task of doing the impossible.

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