Give me options to gear up

Lets get real here, money can buy you anything… and thats a fact even in hybria… if a mercenary wanted the best armor, he would buy it from the manifacturer(smith). So my suggestion is that FC get their minds to realistic approaches. Let us be able to buy our gear with funcom points. Ofc you would still be able to waste your time in raids to get it im not trying to take away anything from you here… I just want options

When saga server ends you can buy t3 pve or t2 pvp out of item shop …they only disabled it in saga to make it fair for everyone and create a level play field

Yep, you can buy T3 gear on Crom/Fury.

To go ahead of the possible response that T3 gear is not enough and you want to be able to buy higher tier gear:
I am genuinly curious: What do you want with it if you do not want to play the game?

Even though I shouldnt have to answer that from a integrity standpoint I can tell you that i want it cos of the power it produces for my character. Do i need to be a professional racer to get myself a sportscar, enjoying the power within my states speedlimits?

If the sportscar itself is a reward for winning races - then actually yes.


So there is content you like and want to play. Good news for you: There are options to gear up and progress in the same content you like for the content you like, in every possible way.

  • Solo Questing
  • Solo Grinding
  • Group 3men
  • Group 6men
  • Raids with challenge
  • Raids without challenge
  • AFK
  • PvP Solo
  • PvP Group
  • PvP farming ressources

With every top gear from every content you will end up overpowered FOR the content. Exept in this case:

  • Cash shop PvPT3/PVP2

Because in that case you will have the power, but not the skill. If that is what you favor, your question is answered.

This is all absurd, I hope funcom listens. I want gear, you want money… win win

Sorry but No, this has to be one of the most mung thing I have seen for a while, even RF made more sence and thats “special”. If you want the gear then just do the real raids.


Sorry but this example right here is the very definition of modern day gamers. “I don’t want to play the game but I still want the best stuff and I am willing to pay money for it.”

This is the reason why there are lootboxes even in singleplayer games nowdays and no good content, it’s destroying the games industry.
Why even play a game if you buy everything for real money.

The last Battle front comes to mind…

Or Assassins Creed: Origins or the upcoming Far Cry or CoD WW II, … lootboxes are everywhere nowdays, it’s a disgrace that no one wants to invest time into the games anymore to achieve something.
Like the OP wrote: “Ofc you would still be able to waste your time in raids…”, seriously, if you think raiding or doing group dungeons is a waste of time for you then this game is not the right game for you. Maybe think about playing a game that you enjoy? It’s basically 90% of the existing content since AoC is a multiplayer game.

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You guys have good points, but I want the game to be realistic, like i said in my first post, if i was in hyboria for real, then I would use my money to buy equipment, well, just gimme a break and let me spend my money on worthwhile gear… but no one thinks far enough then their nose.

I am sorry but the “realistic” argument just doesn’t work here.

We have to look at the game from a gameplay perspective, making T4 armor buyable in the item shop would make even more content obsolete, real T4 raids are already not run very often because you get T4 gear from RF so fast, making the armor available they could basically remove the real raidinstance from the game in the same patch.

Oh and as a side note: If we are still going to use the “realism” argument, no one of us would even need the armor, because we would either be dead, slaves / peasants or farmers in the world of Hyboria :wink:
Armor is something for the rich people that 99% of the playerbase wouldn’t be, maybe one in 1000 players could play the hero but not everyone like it is in the game.

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Nice trolling :wink:

Would not be surprised if it was not trolling, as people with that mindset are full in this generation, that’s what happens when people are born with golden spoon up their … something

If you were in Hyboria you would have to spend years formulating a reputation as well as wealth to buy from an armorsmith.

Also, given it’s a savage pseudo-world, a merc would also know the best way to get better armor is to kill your enemy. In this game, your enemy is raid bosses.

I would like to ask what you would do with your toons in maxed armor, as it seems you have no real interest in the fun of earning it? Solo play? Raidfinder?

High horses everywhere, wanting to keep priveliges. As always.

Taking armor from my killed enemies, thats like wearing a second hand condom. Smiths were a line of work for money. Dont forget that.

Finaly some well needed help! Thank you. So far ive opened some boxes without luck, but ive got money and time. Sorry for a unnessessary thread. Im aiming for t5 armor. My thief class will get the power it deserve at last.

See you in hyboria!

If you feel like Conan you dont need any gear. Jungle loincloth and a pair of boots from Tortage Jungle are enough

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I think it goes without saying that t5 is better then t4, otherwise, what would be the point of the raid in the first place. With all due respect, I know how tier systems work from wow.

After 12 boxes opened i only got 1 piece, but cant use them yet, guess i have to be level 50? Or maybe even 80 Im 28 now.

Thanks for clarifying, it makes sense. Under which tab in the shop do i find this t5 rune? It sounds like a must have.