Give me the Booty. πŸ‘

I personally would like to see them add a gluteus maximus slider to the character creation.

Add a slider option to character creation?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hope it was bigger naughty bits i voted for. If not, please disregard 1 vote.

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Lolol, gotta throw the whole thing out now. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::yum:


I do wish that my male character displayed the muscle that he should have considering he is on his feet most of the day. Not sure why games always give the male characters a flat behind. Considering it is the part that I see most often, I consider it a more important cosmetic then reproductive organs.


I wish fully nudity was in the USA console version. Bigger booty would shine more if it was.

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Agreed. But, I’ll take what I can get.

If you’re on pc, there are already mods for that and even more.

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Butt, I’m on PS4. Thus I always goal for additions to the game. :yum::slight_smile:


I would like this option too Zeb. Unfortunately, Funcom recently said that it is no going to happen (in the community mailbag perhaps?). Same with more voluptuous size characters. If memory serves me correctly it was an issue with the character meshes, particularly the pants.

Oh I see what you did there: β€œbutt” Im on ps4. Hahah nice.


That is the way I recall it. The clothing wouldn’t behave if they changed the shape of the character. It would have been good if Funcom had started out with more shapely behinds.

I am not talking from a nudity-sexy related point; I want a more shapely silhouette.

Dislike. I don’t know how I missed that. :weary: Imma keep promoting booty awareness even so. Maybe they’ll change there antibooty opinion. :heart_eyes::peach:

Thought I slipped that one in. :yum::slight_smile:


it was tittytower but i can def get behind a labiopolis.

After mounts, anything is possible if people ask more for it.


Help spread awareness and slap a like up on the main post to support the cause. :peach:


My hole :new_moon:-bjection to this is that there might be abuse. Say someone went Full Kardassian, it might throw off a bit of the space-time continuum. To remain sci-fi cheeky, too much barbari-donkadonk might put too much tardis in the what-what, which could break the thing.

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I must objeact to your objection.
If the space-time continuum was indeed in any danger I assure you good Sir that it is due to the lack of top to bottom balance. You can MAX that bust out. But walk around with a butt that would make Frank Frazetta roll in his grave. (Not at all complaining about the slider for bust :black_heart:)


You’re a fan of the classics, I can totally get behind that. I also think you might’ve won the Internet this week with that post. :stuck_out_tongue:


frazetta ftw


When I voted, I had no idea that this suggestion was going into the sexy-nudity direction. while it is not a bad idea, I cannot support this direction. I did discover that I can change my vote and thought I would share this discover. Not sure of the point of hiding results until one votes since they can go back and change it. Anyone other notice this?