Give people a reason to be optimistic

After a couple of weeks of a good launch, people start to get bored and move away.

If you do plan to add new content, start teasing it so people have a resaon to remain invested. Otherwise, if you wait too long there will be very few left to care.

Hype around a game needs a constant drip of tidbits to remain high, or will it will crash really quick.


So true, and they should consider having an actual news feed for upcoming updates built into the game so players can see how it will improve.

There have been some very subtle teases. The code team is working on bugfixes, while the artists / level designers and other developers are working on new content. Things are coming down the pipe, but they’ll need to focus on fixes for PS4 and XBOne before we really get new content.

But you can extract some upcoming content from things that are hinted at in the game:

Taming System
You know all those baby animals that you see walking around? They’re not just to add variation — they will eventually serve a very specific purpose.

They’ve been talking to us about their framework and prototype for sorcery. This was one of the most highly requested features of the game. It might include summoning skeletons, magical lights, etc. They’ve stated that the big determinant for this is whether they can find a professional gaming VFX guy in Norway.

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