Give us a game driven reason to pvp and raid

Please give us an incentive to raid and kill each other on pvp servers outside of bragging rights, griefing, or “just because”

Make a religion or something that responds to the amount of unique players killed in a certain amount of time, make that religion have super cool gear that you can only get by pvping a lot, make destroying player owned structures count towards some sort of reward as well, the higher tier the structure the more points awarded, players more than 20 levels lower than yourself get you no rewards and if you kill the same person twice in one hour they no longer give a reward for several hours (to prevent camping / greifing)

I know this is a very general half baked post, i’d give it more thought if I thought any of it would actually be implemented. But seriously, I play on a pvp server where no body pvps cause doing so would cause people to think you are a troll and the entire server gangs up on a single player or clan, give us a game driven reason to kill each other please so we can cut through some of the bull in pvp server politics. (and really just make the game more fun and exciting in general)

The only God in the lore I know of that has a reason for battle would be Ymir since in his religion warriors killed in battle are taken to Valhalla where they fight, drink, eat and tell stories of amazing battles fought.

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