Give us Cloaks please

Im shure they are coming sometimes anyway but… give us Cloaks ok… they are awesome!

You can give us an extra slot to equip it or you can make it as an improvement for the Chestarmor with an optical benefit.

Do it.



Has the Incredibles taught you nothing?!?


I like the light armor and medium armor way more than the later heavy armor. Tehy just look better with the more open nature and the cloak leg thingy flying behind you. It just looks badass.

If there was one thing then it would be modular armor. I want to choose which type of armor I wear with different stats. Or skins. I dont really like most of the design of the armors and would love to have more choice in this matter. So, yes, capes, more capes to look awesome.

Why add cloaks?

above all for the Style, and to have another Option to equip your char more individually.

Cloaks are used for warmth. I blame movies and etc for cloaks misunderstanding.