Give us some thought FC, you take so much. Give us something back

How much has been lost in CE by players due to FC bugs that are created by the uncontrolled result of tested patches?

Thralls and their gear undermeshed and lost forever. Started with 2.4. FC tried to fix it with 2.5. FC made it worse.

Gotta log in everyday or risk FC releasing a patch and a new bug prevents you from logging in and your build decays due to the newest FC bug.

Inventory dropped on death and no loot bag appears on the map bug results in loss.

Arena champ saws through thralls due to FC bugs.

Particular building pieces lose stabality while online and items stored in chests are lost.

FC is not responsible for anything FC does, according to their eula anyway. And they will not replace a single thing players lose due to FCs mistakes and choices.

Havent seen increased rates in over a year.

FC should consider how FC impacts its player base. If FC still wants to continue ignoring how their mistakes are their responsibility, they could figure out a way to soften the blow. Make the thrall undermeshing a priority and create a hotfix just for that issue. They did it with the legendary chest keyless bug, they didnt want us to get something easily to make up for all the stuff we lose. FC could create better performing patches if they improved testing. We might have a better experience as players and not have as much contempt or hard feeling for FC and the plethora of mistakes they make.

At a bare minimum, give us boosted rates.

Got a suggestion FC could offer to give something back instead of rates?

I just threw it in at the end as an easy mode, minimal effort required, hopefully bug free mechanic…

No troubles for me mate, i am not responsible for my own actions…im gonna start a GC…

Hey there,

There are no plans to boost rates on official servers. However, please bear in mind that private servers can set any rates that may fit their requirements as well as alter any other gameplay options available in the Server Settings and Admin panel.

Here’s the wiki page detailing some of the options available for Server admins:

Closing the thread.