Give us unrestrictred pvp servers with normal progression

give people the option to play on servers without the raiding protection and normal progression, no high multipliers to make the game faster.
every pvp game like this one has those type of servers and im sure theres people that want that too.
A huge part of this type of game is raiding and stealing from other tribes, if offline raiding is a problem, altho having lots of means to counter that. give us more options for it then, automated defenses n stuff, altho near allies and tribemates with different time zones work best (altho this game has region lock so that harded, unless you give us more no ping servers)

rust is full pvp, ark too, and both at great, filled with diplomacy and toxicity, but thats how the game and people work, everyones free to do what they want. some people like grinding everything and build, others like grinding siege weapons to steal and progress faster. Also being a pvp game, people like griefing other players and killing them, thats part of pvp. why would you play pvp if you dont like getting killed.

but yeah, i aint saying disable protection for everyone, just give us options in officials, i dont wanna play unofficials.

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