Glitch area under "A Light to Guide Them Home". 1116 PVP g-portal

Game mode: [Online PvP]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU] server 1116 PVP g-portal

Hello there!
There is an isolated area under “A Light to Guide Them Home” ruins where players can place bedrolls trough the floor.
An area is rather big to build the base isolated from game world - the building is allowed there. The only way to get into is to spawn at placed bedroll, so other players can’t get bug-abusers even this way because of “claimed land” restriction.
It would be nice to remove areas of this kind from the game little by little.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place bed/bedroll into subterranean area trough floor cracks.
  2. Place bedroll/bed at surface.
  3. Place any container near the floor cracks to transfer items.
  4. Remove the bracelet to travel between world and underworld.
  5. Build your new underworld base. It is protected by bug from other players!

I cant upload proof screenshots because of “Sorry, new users can not upload images.” but it’s really easy to reproduce at any server.