Glitch fight PvP official server explain/help

Hi, somebody explain to me how it is possible to take 500hp (90-95%) of life in one hit, (we have armor 600-650, life perk 4 its about 520hp), by player? (not thrall) they use ordinary weapon, even not legendary, not oil, not armor penetration more than 30%

and similar question, 1 thrall vs our 3 thralls in the same armor, same weapon (every was named relic hunter), and out three thralls almost die or die in this fight ? i saw in my own eyes. We kill them, and he have nothing special in equip.

Hello @damian_x_pl, if you suspect a group of players is using exploits, please send a private message with irrefutable proof of the actions you’ve described, such as a video, to either me or @Ignasi, while also stating their names, clan and the server.

Without knowing the exact equipment and circumstances ( buffs / debuffs, lag ), it’s hard to tell what could’ve caused this to occur.

Same happens on my server

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