Glitch glitch glitch F*** polska guys everytime destroy this game

Game mode: official 1130 Eu
Type of issue: Glitch
Server type: PvP
Region: Eu

Polish players again use a bug to build their base in the ground! Which means impossible to destroy, impossible to loot … very frustrating !
I took a screenshot to show the location of this underground base, but we can not even put a screen if we are not used to it here … Deplorable !
you hold a very good game in the hands unfortunately you do not take care of it! Because of that your community it returns on other games it’s a shame …
I really hope you’re going to think about punishing those players who use that kind of glitch.
if you take the trouble to do something to stop these people, I give you at least the position. they find it in h7 to coter the black galley in server 1130 pvp official EU

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@Ignasis where do you report players who use exploits?

Agreed. Great game. Needs some love though with all the balance holes it currently has


like still, link exploit hunters.

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Exploit bugs need be reported here.

A bit more sensible title to you post would be nicer, just to say…

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Sorry, @Aaron, there is no place to report players who use exploits. Funcom just does not have the resources to police the many servers.

There is a tool to report exploits, though, see below. Also, if you have pertinent information, screenshots or movies, you can DM them to @Ignasis and/or @Tascha.

Good luck !



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