Glitch out to home screen

it seems everytime your in the middle of something or you die and are heading to get your loot back the game crashes and you loose everything. this needs to be fixed more then an update that will just cause more issues again. which is really starting to get old fast. starting to think this game and me are about to be done. spent enough money on it and it should be good by now after all its not a new game anymore. glitches should be a priority

You may need to be more specific with your bug report. “Every time in the middle of something” is not when my game crashes.

Also, what do you mean by “home screen”? If my game crashes (which is significantly less often than “every time”) it kicks me back to Windows with a “Fatal error!” message. Are you on PC or console?

You really need to provide more information and less angry white noise.

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Funcom has put at your disposal a tool that allows you to identify a bug and then inform the development team, it is not perfect and it will never be, but it has the merit to exist. Here you will find a template for the PC, there is one for each plateform which will then be used by the relevant internal services.

ici => Sample Bug Report for PC

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