Glitch Users, cheaters

Dear Warriors of Conan !

I wrote You a little topic last week, that on Official server 3037 on PS4, there were four clans who attacked us and killed while teleporting. I agreed with that they can do it, and thats all, but we were ready for the revenge! We search them maybe a week but didnt find them anywhere.
Now we know the reasons. They are using glitches. But OMG a lot.
First they are in undermesh bases in the map. We only found this one yet. We dont know how they went in the structures in Hanuman’s Grotto, but we found a video on YouTube, where a guy go in admin mode and show us there can be a big base. And I upload two pictures too.
Second they are using other glitches for attack, for example they can walk and fight UNDER the water, and they can archery too, so we cant go closer to make better videos but if anybody would like to see it I have a mobile phone record! :slight_smile:
So I hope the admins will do something, and I hope before they destroy us and we will give up.
BUT I wait some brave warriors from the Conan world to help us fight against them! :slight_smile:
Thank You if You read it all and have a good play!
Norbert (balazsnor)

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Frankly, I don’t think he is breaking any forum rules. He is just showing an issue with the game and education other players.

In the picture you can see clan names, and the linked videos are at least debatable …

So what, there are thousands of pictures on this forum showing clan names, he is not naming anyone, there are no player names.

What do you think is the purpose of his post? it looks like he is trying to report that clan and this is not the way to do it. I must admit that I didn’t bother watching the videos he posted.

You probably don’t know it, so i will tell you. There is a way to fight under water and it is not bows but throwing spears. The riptide that you take from the bat boss in the unnamed city is the best because it gives you endless underwater breath, however the dragon bone throwing spears work excellent too. After all when you throw it you loose it, unless you kill the opponent and loot it back. About the glitches that you speak… On ps4? Are you sure? I am sorry my friend but i never hear for hacks on ps4 before, so once again, are you sure?

Good policy, I also try not to give oxygen via clicks.

The OP is trying to rally some Warrior/players to come to a server and help him defeat some alleged tricksters. That is definitely not an appropriate reason for exposing another player’s PSN.

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Of course sure I have videos that they shoot arrows and killed us in the jungle section under water. I know the riptide but it not allow You to walk on the bottom of the water and use bows. And You didnt see the pictures? They have a base in the crystal cave where You cant build anything at all.

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