Glitched mob in scrapyard, Kingsmouth

Noisey scrap golem in scrapyard, Kingsmouth seems glitched. Is perm stuck in passive mode unable to return to it’s place to reset and respawn the other 4 golems around it.

Happened when I was farming golems, I put the golem to sleep/passive mode and pulled the smaller ones into the area where the scrap golem welder is and killed all the small ones together. Returned to the noisey golem area to sleep it again to find it glitched. unable to kill it to reset due to being in passive mode. Do not know if this is only in the dimension I am in (and unable to see what dimension I am in)

Shift+F9 shows your dimension and server. Both are equally important to determine your exact instance.

In cases like this it usually helps to meet up on someone in another instance.