Glitches and bugs

Just wondering, when is the thrall/pet rework? I have never in a game seen so much bugging and glitching. A lot of the time they are just standing there, looking at me fighting. Sometimes they glitch and get stuck into terrain or buildings. Most of the time they run between targets. Did this feature even go through testing, or is the whole game still in testing? Building can be a real pain sometimes. Blocks don’t want to be placed for no obvious reason. 2 hours later they can be placed. I already uninstalled once, might uninstall for good.

Hello @Jomar_SL, welcome to the forums!

We apologize for the frustration, unfortunately we have no ETA to share in regards to addressing the known thrall issues at this time.

Are your thralls using the Sword of Crom by any chance? Due to a previous rework, this weapon seems to be quite problematic for them.

Some players have reported that equipping Thralls with a better weapon of the same type they originally used lessens the chance of erratic behavior as well.

Thx for reply. My thralls use hardened steel weapons. Are thralls supposed to know when to use sword+shield and bow, or can I only have 1 weapon type on them?

Typically best to stick similar weapons. Archer bow and one hand weapon. Etc. HOW ever I have had good results with followers using different types. They do get stupid. Time to park them and use some one else :neutral_face:

True, but how do you find out what their original weapon is…?

I don’t understand how this happens at all, like the other guy my thrall either watches me fight or only uses his fist to fight. How do you break the game like this when I never had this happen before and then it takes forever to get it fixed.

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