Glitches so bad my computer restarts

Hello. I just started playing age of conan unchained last night… and immediately deleted it because of this glitch. During the first main quest where you have to kill Suddar I have this problem in which during the fight the graphics slow down to a crawl, the audio spikes, everything freezes (music included) and then my computer is forced to restart. Then, after everything reboots I log back in to find I am dead, action bar useless, I am unable to redrawn/ressurect, and the only buttons that work are the menu button and print screen command. I had to delete the character twice and roll a new one only to have it happen again.

It’s not like I can bypass the bald bastard because of it being a main story quest. I got so frustrated I deleted the game from my computer… however everything up to that point I did enjoy so if I can get a way to resolve this I may reinstall.

Please help!!

So, the Resurrection window is missing when you get back in game? Or the button just doesn’t work?

What are your full PC specs? It sounds like you might be having PC issues.

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Crappy Pc…or just a Tro** ? …hmm

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