Glitches with the panther boss

Me and my friend spawn in the place after drinking the potion, we fight through everything and get to that symbol that would be the boss area, but we walk in and cant get out and no boss spawns, this is on xbox and its really ruining the game for us with these glitches, please do help, it was sapost to be the first big adventure and that competly ruined the exsperance with that glitch

Hi @OmegaWolf0915

Could you please provide us with a screenshot of the map pointing to this location?
We’ve updated your account permissions so you should be able to upload screenshots now.

Thank you for helping us out with this information.

This answer clearly shows that the devs have no idea what they are writing. Wow, there is exactly one panther boss in said Dungeon.A screenshot with position is not possible because the last location is displayed but not the current position in the dungeon

Set your nudity settings to partial or none, then grab screenshots (pref video) inside the dungeon leading up to and entering the boss room. Also list which server type / game mode and xbox model you’re using. If it’s SP / Co-op a workaround is easy. Admin > Ghost > Walk.

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Same here!
The only thing you can do is restart the game and go back at the beginning of the dungeon.
We can´t finish the Dungeon!

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