Glitching and undermesh not fixed

no idea where you got your info, but neither undermesh OR bleed/cripple glitch is fixed… all we ask of you is a bug free game, stop adding new stuff untill u fix the things that makes players quit…


Hear hear

I just got killed my a cheating undermesher who I tried to ambush outside his exit from his undermesh and he did it by crippling me with his spear and killing me when I was forced to dodge away.

faesces like this isn’t fun or entertaining.

I agree
If you want to do major changes give us a heads up, you took the untested testlive patch and throw it on live server for the Free weekend (it turn out to be a bug update again after 2 months of delay :frowning: )

As has been discussed in multiple threads before, bug fixing and new content are not mutually exclusive, nor do they draw from the same pool of resources at Funcom. I don’t know, should Funcom fire their graphics artists because they don’t contribute to bug fixing? Or keep them hired but not let them do any work until the bug fixing squad has finished their job?

You cannot simply put everyone whose job description says “I make computer games” to fix bugs. Most of them wouldn’t know how because it’s not their job.


You do know such a thing is an impossibility, right? No developer will ever be able to release a truly bug-free game, there will always be at least some bugs. The best a developer can do is hope the game-breaking bugs are removed and the bugs that remain are just infrequent, minor inconveniences. Any developer that claims they can deliver a 100% bug-free game is either lying through their teeth or very naïve.

That is a contradiction, if it was on TestLive, it means it was in the process of being tested, and therefore can’t be untested.

I will never understand why people never seem to realize that new content and bug fixes/exploit patching are handled by different departments, and that developers are under no obligation to inform the consumer of changes/additions to content prior to the changes being made, that’s the whole point of patch notes. Sure developers do announce some additions/changes to the game prior to a patch, but this is usually to draw hype, not to simply say that they’re changing this or adding that.


instead of saying it is undermeshing, how about screen shots to them in exploits. they need locations. They cannot do a mass fix. just send a screen shot fo the map location where you found the under mesh base.

BTW, people call everyhting undermesh (to the casual it means under the map) with unintended area. Sometimes a hole is available to get behind some areas that were not intended to be in. Very many in the volcano. Find a crack, and find a room in the temples that looks graphically fine and seems legit (not under the map). Those areas need to be reported, as raiding them is near impossible, outside of jhebal damage to them.

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