Glitching on oceanic server 3977

Game mode: [Online | PVP
Problem: Glitching and gear stolen
Region: Oceanic

Hi there,

Turns out tonight that our hard storage area (tier 3 black ice materials) was broken into and all of our items and supplies were stolen. Now there is no damage to any of or walls, no clan member responsible… the event log shows nothing so no doubt they have used a glitch to get in, steal ALL of our materials and then run off. This is a massive bug and is extremely frustrating and I assume the use of a glitch is against the TOS… so in short how do we report this and how do we get those responsible punished?

Server is Oceanic 3977 (official server)
Our clan is Rhino Pack
Time would of been between 3pm and 8pm EST on 21/05/2018



Steps on how to reproduce issue: