Glitching when doing any actions

I get stuck doing an action over and over, like jump. I’ll set there for minutes watching me just jumping with out touching anything. and cant move every time I try to walk it glitches me back to the same spot I was at. anyone else have this issue? or could it be a sever issue and not a game issue

It could be from several factors. It could be the server, it could be that you have a lot of placeables loading in and until they all load, it is causing the issue. I could be a function of your hardware…

The first thing you could do is load a single player game and that would give you a clue if it’s the server or not. If it doesn’t matter if it’s single player or on the server, remove any mods if you have them and retry single player without mods. It’s probably not a mod per se unless there are resource hungry placeables around that the mod introduces. If I had to guess, it’s probably caused by a big database or lots of placeables near you when you spawn in and you just have to wait a while for it all to load.

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thanks I’ll check out your suctions. I don’t have mod’s. but I do have a lot of placeable around me I built my house on top of a mountain and made like 6 floors around the mountain going up to my house. I’ll see if it happens if i move away from my house. and I don’t think it my hardware I’m on a new MSI Titan with a icore9 13th gen, 64gb ram, and 4090 graphics card.

it’s probably the loading time from the database to your machine then over the network. Loading into to singleplayer will probably run like a dream so it’s probably a combination of the server and the number of items/stuff in inventory (a lot of boxes full of stuff can also do this)…

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