Global chat channel

We needed this 10 years ago, Funcom pls :(?


That would count as “development”. Games in milking…sorry, “maintenance” mode do not get development.

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Does this mean that there arent subscription fees anymore either?

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Nope. That’s the milking part. You’re giving money to FC, who uses the money for other games and uses AO as a tax write off. That’s it.

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Try the Discord channel…

try ./tell darknet !register

There’s a global channel atleast for selling etc.

Reducing the number of people in channels has always been about keeping processing time and bandwidth usage down.

While the hardware of today may be able to handle much bigger channels than previously, that doesn’t necessarily mean the software could cope. So that means development, and as we saw in other games, Funcom will absolutely try to not alter their chat system at all. I assume it is because the code is completely undocumented. :slight_smile: