Globe of Yezud - heavy waste or light powerhouse?

Opinion: The Globe of Yazud is too heavy for the value it provides. 1.75 per globe is excessive, to me. Perhaps 0.75 or 1.0 would be better, while still heavy. Or even 0.5 each. Hey! I could dream!

Reason: in order to be effective, more than one must be used. even then, the resulting spiders do not last very long, stand around doing very little, do not aggro much of anything. and die easily.

Comment: Their relatively high mass and relatively low utility means the only thing i’ve found them useful for is the amusement factor of ‘Suddenly: SPIDER!!!’ Otherwise, they are very… mediocre… compared to items crafted at Set, Ymir, or Mitra. of course, still superior, IMO to J-Sag, Yog, and Derketo.

Thoughts? Counter opinions?

We just built our first temple, made some globes and tested them out. Not sure how we might use them. We thought that maybe sneaking to a vantage point above an NPC camp or city and toss then down into the middle of a congregation of NPCs, or throw them into the area of a boss. Another thing we considered is to give them to a Follower, maybe an Orb Thrower, give them an attack order and see what happens since they can carry several stacks of them. Could be fun to watch in the very least.

hey, that works. orb throwing thrall. good way to not worry about the mass. great way to make it so the thrall doesn’t out damage the player. :slightly_smiling_face:

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