Glory to the Hypnotoad! (PVE) Direct Connect

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OBEY and join the Hypnotoad!

A unique server, that does things differently. A relaxed, fun community of friends who want to have fun together (the whole point of playing a game).

To that end, I’m tweaking settings and mods to eliminate a large amount of the tedious parts of the game, or lessen them, without actually removing any aspects of what makes this a survival game. That way you spend more time doing the fun parts of the game: building, exploring, slaying, raiding dungeons, and bringing glory to the Hypnotoad!

You’ll find the Discord with the modlist and all the info about the server you could want at…it won’t let me post the full Discord link, but this is the ID (just add the h t t p s : / / ):
Direct Connect

Current mod list (in order) with links (just add the h t t p s : / / steamcommunity . com / ):

Pippi: sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880454836
Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling: sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386650198
Lorestone Bug Fix: sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1391893072
Master Reinforcement Kits: sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1385086103
Pickup+: sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864199675
Stack Doubler: sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1411220489(edited)

OP Ridiculousness!? No. Not godlike or anything ('cause nothing’s more boring than turning into One-Punch Man), but neither should you, the main character, feel like a whipping boy in your own world! Player, thrall and npc stats are tweaked so players are just slightly stronger than thralls, and thralls are just slightly stronger than npcs.

Everything costs less stamina! 'Cause a walking simulator this ain’t! It’s a sandbox action rpg!
And there is Pippi with it’s handy /home feature as well.

I’ll be using Pippi to make some interesting areas, events, scenarios, etc.

Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling - level all the way to 300! Why go halfway with those mods that raise it to 70, 150, or other weird numbers. Kerozard is all you need.

EXP is boosted, but not to 10x. Everyone does that. You get 3x for kill xp, 2.25 for crafting, 1.5 for harvesting, only 0.75 for just surviving (read: doing nothing to earn xp). Long masochistic grinds are not fun, they’re tedious, but getting to level 300 shouldn’t be easy, either, it should be an impressive achievement!

Slower spoil rates on food and other stuff that spoils. Slower hunger and thirst. Stacks are doubled. Encumbrance multiplier is 0.25 (carry 4x more!). The idea here is not to remove these aspects of the game entirely, but to make them less painfully tedious and annoying, so that it doesn’t take you all day just to build a freaking sandstone hut!

Crafting speeds are faster! Harvest is doubled! Your gear is more durable and will be damaged much more slowly! Because using up your materials just to keep your stuff repaired faster than you can gather them is NOT fun, it’s just repetitive!

Master Reinforcement Kits Mod! Oh yeah!

All glory to The Hypnotoad!

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Shameless bump.

All the mods are pretty lightweight, so don’t let the fact that there’s six of 'em deter you. We’re loving the way this server works so far!

Everybody loves Hypnotoad!

Update! We are down to five mods!

Pippi, Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling (Max level 300), Master Reinforcement Kits, Pickup+, and Stack Doubler.


Missing some deets.

Ooh, I did miss that. Yep, it’s PvE. Just PvE, no C.

Added a current mod list with the links into the top post. Also finally figured out how to post a permanent discord invite that won’t expire. Come join us!

Added a mod to fix the lorestone journey step, until Funcom gets time to address this issue in one of their patches.

Shameless bump. We’re still around. We are also a multi-game group of friends, so if you get burnt out on CE after awhile, come join us in some of the other games we play.