Glowing/Radium Dyes

I would like the ability to craft glowing dyes that would emit light similar to the star metal weapons that have a small shard of light on them. I realize that people would go way overboard with these and try to make every piece glow as much as they can but maybe there is a way you could limit it to only specific slots that are considered accent colors. for example the khitan captain’s armor has beautiful gold details on it and if this was glowing it would be even more epic. they dont need to be too bright just enough to create a small ambient glow around your character about arms reach so that you couldnt use it for a torch. you could also include a life expectancy for the glowing dye so that it would lose its glow after so long ( maybe when the armor is repaired) and revert to the standard color dye originally used to craft the glowing dye.

ingredients could include a radium powder, created by putting radium gems in the grinder, along with some glowing goop or glowing essence and a pigment of a few select choices. the same way you would change the color of the radium torches.

on another note about dyes i would love to see the ability to dye weapons and shields. my trident has a pink wrapping on it and it cant be changed. nor are there any other tridents to choose from. at least an epic trident would have been nice to see.


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