Glowing Torch Suggestion

When in the Jungle, the normal torch shouldn’t work because the rain could extinguish the fire. But a glowing torch won’t. Thoughts?

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Interesting, but perhaps too detailed or unnecessary. It would require more complex coding.


Maybe make it go out like when your torch runs out.

Maybe make us simply unable to take the ordinary torch out when raining? Our character would comment “I can’t use this here yet” whenever we tried to.

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Or have a pop up that says we can’t use this item here.

That works too.

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Torches can work in the rain since most of them are made using oils and oil-based flammables.

Forcing the use of glowing torches would force a player to visit a dungeon which is not a good plan in my opinion.


Exactly why I don’t like some recipes. Forcing players to explore isn’t the right way to introduce anything.

However, maybe the makeshift torch could do the part.

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Traditionally, a torch is made with cloth and pitch (a tar-like substance for people who aren’t in the know) so the improvised torch, in my opinion is good, whereas the step up from that has been nerfed too far it doesn’t take long to get a tanner station made (unless you just don’t know what you’re doing), so including tar in the recipe for a torch shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

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Unless they moved the source of the feat for the glowing torch outside of the dungeon… then they only have to get through an encampment of Darfari…

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