Glyph xp not showing in upgrade window

So the title says it all, when you add distillates or other glyphs to upgrade, the xp progress bar won’t show how much xp will be added until after you upgrade it.


Yeah, this has been going on pretty much since the start, if not since start.

It doesn’t actually hurt much, but it would be nice if it was fixed.

It’s true, a small detail that counts but that has all its importance.

I of course am subject to the same bug but I have a workaround that gives aditionnal features.

LordStarFox has created a mod named maXPert that tracks the remaining XP until powerup. It will show you if the distillate you will use is too powerful and so on.

Check it here :


Thanks, that’s a mod I was not aware of and defiantly will use now goes and installs

Thanks so much for this. Though it is still somewhat disappointing to see us forced to use addons for basic functionality. Much the same way that mail attachments had to be deleted one by one manually for a very long time.

As a side note it is also a bug IMO that the ‘preview’ of upgraded stats is also missing from glyphs/signet empowerment.

This is and was always the case in Games overall.
The designers do a great job but the players will discover new ways of improving the experience.

All we can hope for is that the developpers are listnening to ours concerns and will react in the same way they did with “Delete All”.

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Just to clarify, this happens when the glyph is in an item. Glyphs on their own seem to be fine.

Specific observations:

  • if you upgrade an item with a glyph distillate, it shows wrong xp (eg. +38 instead of +2100)
  • if you upgrade an item with a signet distillate, it shows glyph xp too (eg. +1 glyph xp, +2100 signet xp)
  • if you upgrade an item with a talisman distillate and it would level up, and the glyph’s not max level, it shows an increase of glyph stats (eg. +13 attack power, +9 defense)

My experience with the preview window has been it showing the stats prior to the increase in level rather than the intended new increase.