Goa-ConanExiles Server welcome mature PVP

Hi guys!
we are grp of players that just started a new server 2018-05-15
the server is running on 2,5x harvest and is PVP with structure dmg on weekends 21-23, ofc we could change this if community wish to do so at a later point.

We are looking for smaller grp’s 1-6 people strong that want to join us on our server and have some fun.

We welcome a mature PVP scene and would love some challenge.

so if you want a dedicated server runned by a serius GM, come and join us!

servername: GoA-ConanExiles
and you can reach me on discord at: Iac(Aslessa)#9518

Can’t see the server when i search for it. added you on discord.

Server should be upp and running, might have been an update or somthing

We are atm 5 players active every day but looking for more =) bring your friends and come to our clean server