God Avatars invisible

I noticed on Xbox that certain avatars like Yog, Derketo, and Zath don’t have the proper texture. For Yog the only thing you can see is the purple goo, for Derketo the only thing you can see is her hair, and Zath is just a seethrough outline of a spider that has grey orbs on it’s back. Funcom please fix this

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Yup. PlayStation too. It’s likely all platforms.

The title made me think the game was getting more realistic.

It might be on all platforms but PC tends to get special treatment but it could also be a PC problem


Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Would it be possible for you to please provide us with a screenshot of this occurring? Are you playing on an official server or singleplayer?

I was playing on singleplayer however I cannot provide a screenshot of the bug at this time due to my xbox game pass subscription being canceled. However jmk1999 said that they had the same problem on ps4 so I would recommend asking them for a screenshot

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