God bubbles, Land claim, Trebuchets

Conan is very close to being 100% balanced, a few problems still exist and need to be fixed, i hope funcom staff reads these suggestions.

  1. God bubbles can still be duplicated this needs to be fixed.

  2. Landclaiming for the purpose of not getting trebbed is a ridiculous aspect in the game it feels out of place it also ruins the map. Foundations everywhere it cost tons of materials and also causes lag on the server. I have a solution i will list below.

  3. God bubbles should be able to be destroyed not by a trebuchet but by several gods. Example: use 3 gods on a bubble and it will pop.

  4. Trebuchet should not go througb God bubbles with this there will be no need of uneccessary landclaiming causing lag and ruining the look of the map.

Think this through.

Reduce lag by no more excessive landclaiming
God bubble can be countered with multiple gods
Trebs like arrows can only be used once the bubble is down.

I think this is a solid fix, please share your thoughts.

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