God coins farming nerfed?

I joined in a 2x harvesting server to have a faster pvp experience. I build faster and i can destroy faster. What is the point of Nerfing the coin farming? You now get 1 meat/heart per mob, in the previous patches the drop rate was 2 meat/heart per mob. What is the logic behind this change?

the logic is simple… to many Avatars and Bubbles were used!

If 1 person alone can summon an avatar within 3-4 hrs of farming, it’s just too easy.


emmmm…exacly? I believe this is one of the reason whose people decided to play on a 2x server?

ah thats what you mean , yeah i dont think the 2x harvest rate is included for the souls.
Dont think theres is currently any option to higher this

Well, despite the farming inconvenients, I think is a good thing for lore and realism that we can harvest only one skull or a heart from a dead body. And only one head for each animal or monster, also.


yep, also if we would get only 2 arms or 2 legs from a persons body , it would be quite nice too instead of a couple of them per person :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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