God damage? is this right?

PS4 - Online - PVP

Anyone have issues with gods atm?
We’ve summoned and attacked with them and also been attacked with them but they are doing like 100-200 damage to a foundation.
By the time that attack happened or u stood on a base or whatever your time isn’t far off up, it’s not much damage is it?
Even yog right on top of a base did total 1k damage - is it bugged or what???

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Yup found out the hard way yesterday to there is surprisingly little info out on this except a 5 day old ignored reddit thread.

Yog did 30dmg offical ps4 in raid window :confused:

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Yea i was testing on single player all gods except SET do minimal damage to T3, SET on the other hand can knock a t3 foundation wall over in one hit like 100k damage an can attack every 2 seconds. The other gods attack real slow as well I blew through 15 t3 walls spaced a block apart in like 3o seconds. Set is what the gods use to be in early access.