Today, there was a pvp, riding a horse, fighting, suddenly, full health and on horde, i suddenly died for a hit kill sabertooh.
The sabertooth wiped everybody of our clan.kkkkkkkkkkkkk

And on the same server, a week ago, we raided a floating base at the A4, after the green wall. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Upload video, report? why? funcom won’t do anything!
And now siptah?
Not selling for me, I wish PSN refund rules were better.

CONAN IS A JOKE! kkkkkkkkkkk

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I’m not…what issue are you reporting as a bug? That a sabretooth killed you? That someone built a glitch-base outside the green wall? That there was a horse-riding pvp…?


Kkkkkkkk ??? Don’t understand.

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Dude i think same, if pay more money for all DLC then your are the best, but if you need help for salty player or any glitches or exploits, the all hate you here in community. I dont understand why we dont get any Support. Player must helping here dont make more negative energy here.

What am I replying:
Funcom ignoring several reports about the thrall bug!
Ignoring players which bought a broken product!

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Maybe it’s your tone. You have to relax a little and follow the rules for a little. Yell is not an option here, try to read the rules and act civil. Maybe it is frustration or desperation that pull you on this attitude, still, the one who yells is loosing his rights. So next time try to report properly your problem and wait patiently. Even if you won’t get an answer, be sure that the staff have read your issues and report. I am over a year in this forum and I sometimes make the same mistakes, I am no better than you my friend, I am just telling you to join this forum as a family member. Thank you.


Yeah…think about buying a broken game, you only know it’s broken after playing it for a months and you got no refund right!
Nice family, they get your money and don’t care about you! : )
It ain’t about being better, it’s about being fair.
Not asking for the perfect game, but the way it is the game is a JOKE, people spent time playing and time working to get the money to buy the game, just asking them to DO THEIR JOBS!

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I have been playing since day one alot of things are not right some things
May never be Wright My thought is fix things in early access before dropping I to us on console.

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I see no ‘ask’ here, I only see demand. Do as you wish, I cannot empty my head to fill yours. I don’t know how old are you, but my friend the one who’s stealing your money and doesn’t care about you is your government, not the gaming factories :joy::joy::joy:. You will understand it some day I suppose. I play this game 2 years now and like my beloved friend @sestus2009 said he plays from day one. I am just a player and he runs a server several years now, believe me he has paid a lot. If you don’t like the game, it’s OK you can move on to another, but the game is not a trush and this forum, want it or not, is a family and those are facts. If you don’t wish to enter you are free to go, Noone is holding you. Good luck :+1:.

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Sabertooth bug…
They are aware of food stacking.

They are aware of Floating bases

They are aware of Under meshes and Outside green wall…

They are doing something… Several of these have “fixes” in Testing on PC.

And we got a long wait on Consoles for Patch to get caught up in slightest.
There not being out right ignored… just we are behind on Patches for consoles and get stuck with exploits till then.

I havnt seen fix on patch notes for PC for Pork buff. Hard to say if Staff will hand out bans for it…

Hang in there, some fixes will happen in early 2021…


Don’t remember mentioning anything about stealing!
Sure, next step we are discussing about CIA knowing all our personal data!
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Bravo my friend, this is the spirit :+1:.

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