God please , one more bug ! (AOC)

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Please … the game is full of bug , and now ater 2 day of played i have this message when i choose caracter or create a new one …

i tryied uninstall , nothing change …

imgur. com/a/2UItzMd

someone know what is that Sh*** please ?

Connection to the server has been lost. The server may be shut down for maintenance, try again later or contact Funcom Customer Support

Most likely this is an issue related to the mod Age of Calamity for which Funcom might not be responsible.

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The OP is referring to the game Age of Conan. He posted in the wrong forums.

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i try here cause no one help me in the good forum :frowning:

But it is the CONAN EXILES forum. You have even less chance to get help.

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