God shield bubble too much farm or good?

I have set and I do understand that making it a harder to farm for a god shield is good but 10 times as much is kina too much I think.

For now there is a bug where god shields last forever, but once it get’s fixed you will need to kill 500 npc’s to get 1 god shield.

So what is everyones opinion on this? Did they make it too hard to farm a god shield? Is it still too easy? or just about right?

  • It’s too hard to farm for god shield.
  • It’s too easy to farm for a god shield.
  • I like the way it is now.

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I like it the way it is currently, god bubbles are still permanent after you pop one.

Building an alter on a new server in PVP has become more tactical. I usually remain hidden at T2 now until I have the zeal to upgrade and pop a T3 shield.

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