Godbreaker/Sandstorm Helmet Equipped in succession cancels Sandstorm buff

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: North America

  1. Equip Godbreaker (or) Sandstorm Mask. (Gain persistant Sandstorm Buff)
  2. Equip a second Godbreaker (or) Sandstorm Mask. (Lose Sandstorm Buff)
  3. Swap between Sandstorm/Godbreaker Helm. (Gain and promptly lose Sandstorm Buff)
  4. Equip a helmet without the Sandstorm Buff effect. (No Sandstorm Buff)
  5. Equip Godbreaker Helmet (or) Sandstorm Mask. (Gain persistent Sandstorm Buff)

Equipping two helmets that give you Sandstorm immunity appears to cancel each other out. Equipping a standard, non-buffing helmet reset the process, so that if you equip a sandstorm mask, or godbreaker helmet… you will receive the buff. Unequipping all helmet armor seems to reset the process as well.

This affects me because I carry two sets of Godbreaker armor (Hot/Cold) with my encumbrance build.

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Hello @GodisGood, we’ll poke the developers about this matter, thank you for bringing it up.


That’s good to know AllMight, thanks for telling us the work around!

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