Gods - The true name of ... not working! (PC)

It looks like GODS are not working properly on multiplayer servers.
I’ve tested them on single player and they work fine. When it comes to official servers or even private they don’t seem to work at all!

I’ve just spawned the true name of SET and the true name of YMIR on the same base. It didn’t even make a scratch. The base is T3, no dome.

This was tested on #1985 SA.

Steps on how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Get online on a official server
  2. Spawn a GOD (The true name of…)
  3. No damage at all.

thats really weird. I withnessed an Avatar attack this week on official PVP 1117.
Seems like not all Servers have this issue.
Can you try if it is with all gods or just set?

Thank you.

Please chech twice we use Set 3 times after realise and have a very good result.

Guys, I’ve been talking with other friends they got the same problems on private servers. It looks like only YOG is making damage.

I’ll try to farm The True Name of Yog.