Going Forward and thank you!

Hello Exiles!

First of all, WOW and welcome to all the new additions to our community.

Since the free weekend on Steam and the current PS4 Offer with Conan Exiles being free for PS plus users for the whole month, we had a HUGE influx of new players. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and thank you for letting your friends be a part of this experience as well.

Reddit, the forums and other channels have been exploding with experience recaps and first impression topics, screenshots and questions. Many of you Veteran Exiles have stepped up to help the newcomers with tips and tricks. We see you and thank you for taking the time to welcome and help new players into the fold.

However, the unexpectedly high influx of new players on PS4 has had an impact on our official servers, causing issues for players to log in. Adding new servers is always tricky to balance and also takes a bit of time (longer for SA/Oceania areas than for EU/US) but we are currently doing the following for PS4:

  • Increase Decay Time on PS4 to 14 days to make sure players who can’t log into their server due to servers being full, don’t lose their buildings. This will be live with server restarts after a small hotfix today.
  • Increase Server Capacity for South American PS4 Servers
  • Increase Capacity for Oceania PS4 Servers
  • For other territories we will monitor server load and evaluate if we need to increase capacity

As you might or might not know, our focus in the past months has been to improve and strengthen the core mechanics of Conan Exiles. That included fixing priority bugs, improving the Purge System, AI, Thralls/Pets, Building and especially the Game Loops such as leveling curve, gear and things to do after you hit the cap.

We have revamped areas such as the Unnamed City, we’ve added new World Bosses and we also added more roaming mini bosses and the chance for special mini bosses to spawn in existing camps. Since one of the latest updates, there is now also a mechanic for you to increase your feat points past the max level (you can check out the patch notes of the latest big update here).

We’ve also focused on addressing exploits (which is always an ongoing process), performance and loading issues.

Even though we did a lot of improvements and came a long way since release, there is still work to be done and we won’t stop strengthening the core of the game and improving Conan Exiles in all those areas.

However, we are also working on new content. If you do have accounts, make sure to also follow us on our Conan Exiles Twitter and Facebook to not miss out on any info - such as the screenshot we shared:

Some of this is coming to TestLive sooner than you might expect. :wink:

Please take that opportunity to help us test and work out the kinks before new mechanics and content make it to live so we can balance according to your input. Down the line, we also have PvP and the Siege System in our eye, so don’t fret PvP players!

Make sure to join our Dev-Stream tomorrow at 4pm CET / 10am EST for a look at what’s coming VERY, VERY soon.

Thanks to all you Exiles, newly born or seasoned veterans, for being part of our community. We’re honored to have you with us on this journey. :slight_smile:

New servers for Oceania and SA will come online as they are made available to us. This operation should be done for all new servers before the weekend. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this.