Going on Hiatus 🏝

Bannerlord was actually released heh - albeit in a state that made CE seem complete in comparison. Haven’t bothered to come back since, as their community is toxic and the dev team doesn’t interact with it much, if at all (what’s the point of an EA then?).

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I think I’ve heard a similar comment from someone else in another context, somewhere. Where was it, I wonder…?


Oh I know, I’m not blind to the irony :slight_smile:

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Not sure about that, but I do enjoy the company and positive nature of the community. But thanks Dovah, yourself and Refrin are such a lovely couple and Im glad I have had time to interact with you both. Hopefully I will cross paths with you here again on the forum when I get back. But just incase you move on, I wish you both every happiness this world has to offer.


Yeah that is me for the most part at the moment Strider5599. I am not a big Harry Potter fan by any stroke, but I liken this staring too long into the Mirror of Erisad. It is slowly driving me :crazy_face:

Thanks @Ko6ka and @Kanza1!


Well thankyou Kapoteeni. Although wouldnt the polite thing to do be to provide the cake and have it waiting for my return…? :thinking: Hahaha.

Thanks friend. And I have always appreciated your positive attitude also.

No I would likely drive others, and potentially myself crazy just harping on about the same thing constantly. It may seem like I am either desperate or nagging, which would do my cause more harm than good. It can also be time demanding having to check claims (others and my own), agonise over the succinctness of posts. Personally I find it better to broch the topic sporadically. But that is just me.

Interestingly, I actually have potentially 3 new Crom facts which I have only recently began to unearth/examine! However I need more time to check and verify before I can present them. So time and good fortune willing, I may be back with some new Crom lore under my arm!

All for CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Thanks @sestus2009 and @stelagel! You are both still welcome to message me on the PS Network anytime if you wish to discuss Conan (or anything) of course! You too Zeb if you happen to be watching on silently.


Did so long ago as a precaution DelRioServerMaster. But cheers. Sorry to hear about your loss, that is not an easy one to bear.

Thanks @Mikey and @Technicolorfool and @Tselem!

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Ahh he seems to love that type of eventfulness almost as much as we enjoyed watching it. Take care mate.

Never really brought an Assassins Creed game. But I am literally going to make this my first one, as I love Vikings and Norse culture. :metal: Amnesia Rebirth is also topping my to get list right now.


Ok one final check when I surface in the morning, then Im off. I have already inadvertently drawn this out a bit more than I would have liked. But I do appreciate the good wishes and kind words nonetheless friends!


I would guess that they released the game to get more funding, not because it was in a good enough state.
Even their announcement trailer had bugged soldiers xD

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