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I have been trying to play for almost an hour.
But would only stay in game for only a few seconds.
The xbox has taken me back to he dash board.
I logged back in…multiple times.
For no reason my character died and was sent back to the desert naked without any items.
There was nothing to kill My character and I couldn’t take more than a few steps before it logged me out.
Unable to retrieve my things including legendary items.
I am very upset and frustrated and would like my equipment back that I have spent hours collecting!


When you start having dash board first thing to do in the 10 seconds is eat and drink. it seem like the dash board over uses those two items and kills you and without bedroll in desert. Some of the clan logoff 100% empty until the hot patches work as a solution. This way if die they still have there stuff and can regear up out of chest when logon is stable…

NOTE: When I log off I go back to XBOX home screen and I also select quit in menu to make sure 100% out of game. As you can logoff and your character still in game active and you will starve as you not playing but games still is, you then drop death and all your goods drop on floor (TombStone). You auto respone at the bedroll or desert start and on time limited to get your stuff before everything vanish. Seen it happen if not get out of game 100%, some people just start another XBOX game to force Conan 100% offline as XBOX will only have active one game at a time.

To maybe fix the instant dashboarding, try loading single player, offline, before loading into a server. This has been the go to work around for dashboarding, especially if it’s happening right when you’re loading in.

Whilst good advice I actually restarted my xbox twice as well.
In terms of starvation my character didn’t starve she ended up about 150 meters off a drop off dead.

I’m really angry about my stuff and I would like funcom to put it all back in my inventory!

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