Gold, booze and dancers! AKA living the life

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I’m getting to a point in game when I feel rich with gold (about 60 coins so far and about 150 silver), can brew different kinds of booze and have plenty of performers dancing in my main quarters (even a T4).
Despite of how that makes me feel, I have no idea what to do with the gold and silver, now which buffs one can get from which beverage.
All help is welcome!

The fun is to test, but Conan Exiles Wiki is a great place to find out uses of things. Gold and silver are important for mixes more so than purchasing, save buying Rocknose babies to make your own silver, gold, and iron factories.

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Золото и серебро(монеты и слитки) можно перетереть в пудру (основные ингредиенты для создания алхимической основы) а алхимическая основа является одним из самых важных ресурсов. Используется для создания дубленной кожи, меха, шолка, оружия, различных зелий…
Gold and silver (coins and bars) can be ground into powder (the main ingredients for creating an alchemical base) and the alchemical base is one of the most important resources. Used to create tanned leather, fur, hair, weapons, various potions …

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Gold and silver powder are ingredients of alchemical base, used to craft a lot of high level stuffs, as you can find here:

Coins could also be used to purchase things from merchants, but few interesting things are sold by them except for puppies/eggs of tamable animals you cannot find in the wilderness.

Merchant who sell puppies/eggs are in The Den (camels / rocknoses eggs) and Buccaneer’s bay [Flotsam] ( spider eggs / lucust eggs / shoebill eggs ).
Each of them costs 10 gold coins.

Gold is also used in various form in few placeables from DLCs.

Gold and silver powder are also used as food (better if shadespiced) to tame goldvein and silvervein rocknoses to produce your own gold/silver because you’ll always need alchemical base in large quantities.


Ain’t that the truth. I used to have chests full of gold and silver coins. Then I started to expand my territory to the northlands and decided my thralls up there needed epic armor. Now I have lots of thralls with epic armor and no more chests full of gold and silver.

Every time I expand our bases (constantly) I add also new thralls defending them, so I have new armors and weapons to craft.

Sometimes we’re attacked and we lose thralls, so I’ve to craft new weapons and armors.

Every few days I’ve to repair my armors and my mate need to do the same wich requires Hardened Leather so alchemical base.

Crafting legendary weapons repair kits with our purge blacksmith requires alchemical base, Berserker Draught I craft regularly requires alchemical base, crafting undead pets and high level potions requires alchemical base and I use tons of them every day.

Obviusly that depends from your game style, in my experience I used and continuing crafting and using thousands of them.

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Thank you everyone!
All my alchemical base came from bosses and regular mobs, I had no idea it was so expensive to craft.
I’ll give it a try on rocknoses and will try to gather at least one of each rare pets.
As for the booze, so far 3 drinks of anything gives me life, and 5 of firewater gives me additional strength. Maybe it’s the same for all alcohol.

Keep in mind that the next patch will add a couple of new Merchants to the game wich sell more interesting and expensive stuff.

50 Gold coins for a random Alchemist (with a Chance of getting T4) for example.

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We use the gold coins for, ah money.
We sell stuff, and charge coins.
What a unique consept

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Like you sell weapons to other players for gold?

We use hardened bricks as “coin” in player to player trading :slightly_smiling_face:

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