Golden Empire Ruins - X2 XP/Hav (AOC, Paragon, Pippi)

Golden Empire Ruins is a new server with mods.
We are a RP/PVP server with fair rules for everyone.

We have a NEW active Staff team who are approachable and always willing to help, and well as a number of dedicated, long-standing community members who are there to give advice and roleplay.
Building destruction is timed to 8pm-10pm CEST to introduce a daily “raid period” which encourages realistic construction of defensive structures and hammers home how brutal the world is.

The mods can give everyone a new and fresh way to enter the Conan world and with many new crafting and RP decoration.

Join Golden Empire Ruins discord at for more information, rules and to contact the Admin/Moderator with any questions!

Server mods on the server are here and also in this order:

  • Conan Sexiles
  • citylife
  • LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
  • Ruins_of_Acheron
  • The_Forsaken_Tomb
  • Pippi - User & Server Management
  • The Age of Calamitous
  • Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling

Here is a picture of the mods:

Any question or problems with joining the server, join the discord and PM an Admin or Moderator.

So what are you waiting for?! Join us today!

We have added more things there’s making the gameplay much more fun.

  • Your own personale wallet (used to pay other players or buy personal kits for you)
  • PayDay where you wallet grow bigger.
  • StarterKit for new player, so they can get a helping hand into the game.
  • Events (Join the discord for more info)

And only today I will make a PayDay for every new player there join the server, so join quick today and make you wallet grow huge faster than others.

Many more things will be added soon.

Alot of new things have been added since last post.
Here is some of them.

  • Social Merchants to find with special items around the exile lands.
  • Donation system.
  • 50+ new kits to buy.

Check out the discord for many more things and a new big marketplace where people can get there own trading house to earn ingame gold.