Golden lotus potion: Please consider

Just an idea that a couple buddies and I were talking about.

Could you possibly consider lowering the weight value of the golden lotus potions. Reasoning: they aren’t worth anything except for a grit buff, There are better healing items in the game than the golden lotus potions… and let’s be honest… who cares about charisma.
This is not a troll post. So please dont troll on it. Just an idea

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@MrSm0kin1 My friend this is not a troll comment at all, it is a very sensible and justifiable concern. And I have tried to garner greater attention to this issue in the past. I agree they should remove the Charisma bonus, it feels irrelevant to it. However, I dont neccessarily feel they should lower the weight, instead just make it what it is supposed to be; a better healing potion.

Lets look at this from a logical point of view. To craft it you first need to reach lvl 58, then spend 12 points on the Improved Firebowl Cauldron to unlock it. You then need two Golden Lotus, an Alchemical Base, and a water filled flask. The first two dont exactly grow on trees. But yet its weaker than an Aloe Extract Potion which can be mass produced in half the time, for fewer resources and with less legwork. Thus it is redundant before you even unlock it.

It is supposed to be one of the best healing items in the game. Heres its item description:

"Known for its healing properties, golden lotus has been rumored to be able to mend broken bones, heal scars and even unnaturally extend the life of those who drink it.

This potion will provide a significant healing boost to any who drink it."

Look I dont expect it to be that strong, but by the gods, I humbly request: can we please give it a healing effect worthy of that description and the effort required to craft it…!?


@Chaonike Cant saw that I have used them before, as I usually tend to stick with the basics as far as cooking goes. But that is certainly a lot of hp for what they are.

Please dont mention the fish strips to loudly or it might get a nerf.


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@Hexsing Sure ill keep it a secret. Im tired of this whole gung-ho approach to nerfing everyrhing.

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I never use them. I tend to make about 20 fish/shell fish traps, make a couple big refridgerators, and stock pile on cooked lobster. I have a few thousand of them and just heal with then mostly. If i get in real bad shape I’ll eat one and use an aloe potion for the double heal effect.

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Thats the thing Scumdog, in their current state they are not worth using; youre better off just sticking with the Aloe Extract Potions in a tight situation.

If you need salt, just grind crystal. The crystal-to-salt ratio is much better than with stone, plus you can get it in just about every biome.


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