Golem factory in Conan Exiles

Golems are pets players can have. Unlike pets golems have a max number that can be built. Golems Requires no food. Golems are made in Golems pits. Stone and Wooden golems are weak tier 1 golems. Iron and steel golems are tier 2 golems. Harden steel golem is the best golem. Golems are limited to a certain number of golems by clan. Crystal golems are small golems that remove corruption and offer minor health regen. Crystal golems can buff dancers corruption removal and health regen. Golems are considered alchemy. Crystal golems are not fighters. Crystal golems have 500 health, low defense and low offensive. Golems are very slow. Golems are best used as base defense of important areas. Golems kill hostile enemies.

Max Golem Limit

Stone: 10
Wood: 10
Iron: 3
Steel: 2
Harden steel: 1
Crystal: 7

Golems have x3 orb weakness. This is for PVP balance. Rock and Wood Golems roam back and forth. A small roaming animation. Crystal golems do a mini dance animation. Iron,Steel and Harden steel golems lets out a grunt sound and they do a thumbs up animation when no enemies are around thier location. Golems auto heal slowly. So keep a Crystal golem near golems.

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I was hoping to make golems humanoid in shape. Golems don’t have gentile or nips. Yes, you can make female and male golems. I only suggest this options as a role playing element. Those wanting to role play as Amazons wouldn’t have thier role playing experience ruin by having male humanoid only golems. No golems can’t wear armor or use weapons. Picture golems as mannequins. Basic default cheap ones. Basic Male or Basic female details. When I mean basic, I mean an outline of the figure. Golems should be 4ft 9 inches in height.

I was hoping this idea would get some damn support. Since these are craftable Golems.

Thralls are human. Pets are animals. Witchdoctor is alchemy. We need crafting protection. Golems serve as an alternative version of thrall fighters.

How sad. Animal gentiles gets responses. Golem Factorygets none.

i’ll pity you on this one… the likely reason why this got over 200 views and no support is because there is nothing like it in any of the Conan lore (that I know of)… anyways… aren’t the rocknoses similar to golems?

Golems are player built. Alchemy base creatures. Unlike witchdoctor they don’t spoil. They are base defenses. Golems are useful to have. Have loads of crystals? Build crystal golems.

Golems are constructs, where I’m more inclined to think the Rocknose is a natural occurrence, well, as natural as some things are in the Exiled Lands.

Thank you for explaining it.

Why would players have golems when there is no character in the Conan novels who can build one ?

They are alchemy base creatures. Normally you build a clay golem for it’s Massive size. It a tool for base defense. Many Mages build Huge Golems on base floor level to keep people and etc out of thier base. Anyone with alchemy knowledge would be able to craft Golems.

My golems are smaller than a Massive Hulking Clay golem that would have 5k-10k health in this game. Low levels needs another option for base defense. Stone and Wood Golems would be able to blend in the base. Crystal Golems are the size of Imps.

Maybe remove gender of golems and just have massive hulking golem. Metal being smaller but more dangerous. Demon blood+Resourcex1000= 1 golem.

Wood and Stone golem has 3000 HP.

Iron and Steel has 5000.

Make Harden Steel Golem 7000-10000 HP.

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