Golems? How about Fix The Game

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Uh oh, someone confused designers with programmers again.


já tem um fio falando sobre esse assunto

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Their post being flagged wasn’t by me. I’m out of flags for now, which is why I didn’t just flag your reply and move on.

I know you’re my number one fan, but at least try to have some semblance of relevancy to the topic at hand.

You can run out of flags :grimacing:

But hey, I agree designers and programmers are different departments, but as players, fixing bugs for us is a higher priority then adding yet more possibility of bugs not to be addressed in a timely manner. I mean I’m having enough issues with followers with out the content designers adding yet another layer.

I’m not the only one that would like to see Funcom drop a large QoL update. But we just get more and more glitchy content.

At one time Jimbo, I was sort of a fan, love to see people knowledgeable in lore. But you really don’t want to meet your heroes.

None the less the comment was because I read over that post 3 times and see no reason for it to be flagged once, let alone enough to get hidden. It just seems the code of conduct crew wont allow people to express a negativity opinion.


Yup, totally flaggable first post, a person frustrated that janky AI will be added to the game instead of fixing current janky AI.

Quick, dont offer contributions to the topic, be the first to belittle them!

I do agree with the OP, these golems are going to be more of a nuisance then a help due to the laggy game/ AI and AI controls. Polish content first, then add. Dont add more unfinished work first.


nope golems more important (irony included) XD

Genuine question for people who have better insight than I into how Conan Exiles works under the hood: wouldn’t implementing golems need considerable effort from programmers?

I assumed that a feature like this would need programmers, so I didn’t consider @arktara to be too far off with their complaint.


I would like to know who flagged the op´s post and abused the flagging system.

This is going too far by all means.

Nobody has to agree to the op´s post. You are welcome to voice out your own views to the topics matter or stay away if not interested in such topics at all. But abusing the flagging system to shut down unwanted opions is not tolerable.


Maybe for the part where they now can harvest resources. Beyond that, not really. It’s crafting recipes and a new skin for a follower.

They said the harvesting capabilities they want to later add to thralls as well, so that would be considered an AI improvement more in line with what OP would want


That was actually funny. :))

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No that would be an addition. No reason to believe it would work better then the present AI, and would do little if anything to improve the present issues.

There’s a challenging balance between fixing bugs and adding new content.
It becomes much more spicy when the new content is built upon a chassis that could use a visit from the exterminators.

The npc AI does need a bit more time on the polishing stone. However, this one must note it has had shifts in the past year. It’s not in a perfect place right now at all, but at least no one is just walking off a cliff into the ocean anymore.

This one is curious, which camps in Siptah give you troubles?


I would like to see some ai on npc like the cannibals in the forest.

I think in sons of the forest they did it even better. I can’t wait for the game to come out on Playstation. I was interacting and speaking with the cannibals on the forest. They gave you the feeling that they are alive.


There is a total of 78 fixes and optimizations listed for the Chapter 3 update.

Sounds to me like they are in the process of fixing it. Bug fixing takes time and investigation and is not something which can be remedied instantaneously. And I am sorry, but I do not agree that all future development and additions should be brought to a screeching halt until your your personal grievances are rectified. Yes the game has bugs, but Funcom is actively fixing them as they emerge. Sadly bugs are an unfortunate side effect of open world games, especially those still in active development. Just look at other Survival games such as Ark, Fallout 76, Atlas, Valheim, and the list goes on. They ALL have bugs. Do I wish this was not the case, absolutely. But no amount of tirades or abuse is going to fix them any faster. If you find them too much to bear, then stop torturing yourself, move on and play alternative games where you will actually enjoy. Otherwise accept that they come with the territory and cease demanding that everyone else stop having fun in the meantime.


Ah, don’t be silly, actual bug fixes aren’t interesting. Bugs that get fixed are quickly forgotten. Those 78 fixes will instead be ignored in favor of pointing out everyone’s personal bugbears or the inevitable three or four new bugs that will be introduced with the patch.


Nothing a modder couldn’t whip up in a weekend. The hardest part is the graphics. They’re probably just using normal Fighter AI for combat.

What the OP wants is for that AI to be redone… and that’s the hard part. From what I can tell by observation is they use normal NPC behavior while also following. I think when they stand around and do nothing is its because they are trying to follow the player to a new spot instead of engaging in agro behavior.

For it to work more reliably, it would need to be designed from the ground up instead of using existing systems. But that’s going to have its own issues.


Cannot be done… The servers they bound their masterpiece with can merely handle 20…
The vast majority of players leaves a server when it gets overpopulated due to major lag…