Gone but not forgotten

When new players join a server, there should be a way to easily see the server’s Local Time. This used to be on the Server page in the Settings Menu, and is of great utility to new Exiles. I was musing last night over a stove overflowing with Aloe Soup, about old things from the game that I really miss. Gone but not forgotten.

May we please have “Server Local Time” back in our Server Settings/display page?


Oh I wasn’t aware that you used to be able to see it. As I’ve always played on official I’ve not bothered to look at the server settings very much.
I made a suggestion a while back that the server timezone be displayed on the server listing. Ignasis took note of it and has passed it onto the team. It’s under consideration with no time-frame for a decision on ya/nay or implementation if yay…but it’s on their radar at least.

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This would be most helpful.

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Two thumbs up :+1: :+1:

Would love it if they would put this back in.

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