Goodbye to creativity with the new patch

Only that, nothing more to say, you can not cross the foundations to make cool constructions, you could not limit the life of a construction limiting this to a limit for built space, the foundations up close gave a lot of play, one thing is to fix glitchs and another is to make the creativity of the players on the floor … greetings.

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Creativity vs constantly crashing servers…I will give up creativity any day. The patch was meant to stop dupers from crashing servers in PVP. I would say that was needed, yes?


There are other genres of games for creative building. As the previous build ability effected the game performance, I am glad they addressed the issue and can move onto the next.


If there wasnt any other solution to this issue then it had to be - otherwise it would have been a bad deal.
Nevertheless they made a deep change to the building system because they didnt only changed some snappoints on a blueprint. They added a new code to the system which made mods with new building tiles crashing. And yes - the creativity to build is realy bad affected.

You just need to get creative in a different way to build your houses using the available tools in the way they were meant to work. Been working for me thus far.


Wait, what kind of “creativity” was supposedly lost? Criss-crossing fence foundations? That’s not creative. Efficient, and in a PvP setting considered necessary? Sure. Creative - no. Making servers crash might technically be “creative use of building mechanics” but it isn’t one I’m sad to see go!


Call me arrogant, but I think we had been pretty creative to build a totally legal base like this one on an official server


None of my buildings were affected, and I’ve not tried anything that no longer works.

Go play Ark for a few days and then come back and complain about CE building.

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What server are you on? I’ll come show you creative building. Actually more of a remodel. An explosive here, explosive there. Don’t worry. We will be creative.


You’re playing the wrong game man.

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