Google Stadia can be the solution

Please… please… we saw how good you are in creating a game… but we all see also how bad you manage servers… If you would work wih google stadia we could have much bigger and faster servers with 1000 players caps and not only 40!

If Google wasnt so darn good ied hate them. Its hard to hate an evil villain that also happens to be the biggest bad ■■■■ on the scene (Negan). This isnt a bad idea. 1000 players is though because we already have to deal with blocking, spamming, and foul mouths with 40 people. Wonder how much more will there be with 1000 people. Until Funcom hired moderators this can’t fly.

The server player max size has to do with the unreal engine and the size of the map itself.

I dont know why people think streaming a game would make all problems go away.

It will in fact bring even more, with desinc and low frame rate depending on your connection speed, not to mention limited bandwidth connections will be killed in hours of gameplay.


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