Gorillas get inside my base

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3041

Bug Description:

Gorillas somehow enter my base and kill my guarding followers. What makes it even more ridiculous is that a polar bear, alpha hart, greater serpent and three fighters can’t take out ONE gorilla before it has killed the polar bear and one fighter. I have also had a shoebill kill my berserker and a goat kill my greater lion or some other big cat, so yeah… Thanks for making the followers almost completely useless.

And no, there aren’t any holes or gaps in the base, when it comes to building i’m extremely precise and thorough so that’s not the issue.

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True! I don’t have a base near gorillas, but when i fresh start a character i end up sleeping in the ruins of jungle. Gorillas are able to come up to these ruins now, so it has to be a bug or something that arrived with the age of war. So i do believe 100% that…

It has to be a bug. Thanks for bringing it up @Koschgine. Best wishes for a happy new year :tada:.

I once had a normal (not corrupted) shoebill kill my 6k+ hp relic hunter with full voidforge dragon armor. Turns out they were likely pinned agains a tree or something. I ended up putting two thralls in that area and didn’t have any issues since then. My point is that you MAY have a tight area where the gorilla is pinning the followers and the others aren’t reacting appropriately. Also, make sure they’re all on Attack All. You say your build is fine, but you may wanna check that flow of traffic a bit better. There’s obviously something wrong if this is happening regularly.

Also, yes, sometimes the loading of your base can have hiccups and cause a “despawned” enemy to load in before the base does. I’ve had this occur on numerous occasions. As I said, I have shoebills around my base, as well Komodos. Sometimes I’ll find them inside my base or UNDER my floors. I’ve lost like 3 cats a white rabbit in my backyard to shoebills.

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actually mob and the thrall in somehow moment are ignoring walls, i had mobs going inside the base and had thralls that was locked inside show up out side to fight and they was not in follow mode. Plus any ordinary mobs can kill an unleveled follower and a small group can kill even a leveled one. Even a giant rockslide can pass through a regular human size door lol.

Thralls now cant help in real challenges, if i need some thrall help i equip it with cheap stuff, they are more as bait for aggro than helps now. : (

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This may be some kind of glitch with the building elements.
I once watched how, during the old purge, my base defenders ran through a wall of foundations, as if across an open field. This was repeated constantly, but strictly in one place.
The suspicious parts should probably be removed and reinstalled.

I remember when they introduced the new building system with Age of Sorcery chapter 1 I had put in a bug report while it was still on the Testlive (now Public Beta) server that various creatures such as crocodiles and shalebacks can literally walk directly through closed doors. Not even if they are agroed on you and you just closed them, they can just randomly walk in through closed doors at any point in time they bloody well chose to. I have a feeling this is how the Gorillas are getting into @Koschgine base as they are reporting no gaps or holes.

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Its not just gorillas, my base is north of the mounds and its a daily task to kill the mammoths and wolves that have clitched inside :joy:

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True, but they somehow climb as well :rofl:. If it ever happens to me again i will send you photo, it is hilarious :rofl:.

There, I reported back in August of 2022 that they were walking through walls / doors. At that time I had only noticed shalebacks doing it but after that point I had seen crocodiles do it (even the 3skull boss croc!!!). BUT… not once single reply to my post. :rofl:

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It was not a problem back then. Your thralls could react and kill even the Crock boss in August of 22. After the September of 22 the problems started with the age of sorcery that thralls will be gods no more. Now that they just stand and die it’s even worse.
Best wishes for a really happy new year fir you and your family my dearest @Oduda.

worse than this regular mobs are the demolisher lol, i was just trying some purges, and they charge and pass through doors and walls, when they not simple appears inside the base and 1 hit everything from inside, ruining your defense strategie and sometimes the whole purge when they hit the coffer, till lvl 7 it is doable, lvl 8 + is lucky if nothing bugs you can complete it

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If Funcom wants to keep thralls weak, probably for PvP reasons when out encountering other players, maybe thralls should get a “defense” buff when guarding a base? Maybe like a health and attack bonus from a Thrall Pot radius? That way, they can stay weak out in the world, but are stronger when they are “home” guarding your base from the elements of the world (and potential thieves).


I used to have bear cubs wander around inside my base on Telith’s Island.

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Greetings Koschgine!
Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

In order for our team to better analyze this, could you please provide us with your character name on Official Server 3041 and a screenshot of the map location where this happened to you? You can send a private message to us in reply if you prefer :slight_smile:

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

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